Hello! It is the end of our first day in India, and lets just say it has already been a life changing experience.  


After 16+ hours of flying with travel and layover time in beween, we came in to Delhi (early this morning!) feeling exhausted and excited!  Coming out of the airport, instantly the word “hot” has a new meaning for me.  The humidity is unbelievable here, but the beauty of Delhi makes up for it.  We got to the hotel and instantly crashed.


This morning we woke up early and spent the day touring New and Old Delhi.  We saw so many interesting sites including the largest mosque in India.  We got a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi (a rickshaw is a bike with a cart on the back similar to a taxi).  The traffic is insane here!  We decided traffic lanes are more “suggestions”.  It is chaos of cars, bikes, scooters, rickshaws, and the occasional camel.  Today was definitely an eye opening experience.


Tomorrow we are going to continue touring Delhi!  With wireless being “spotty” here, I will update the next chance I get!